Swingin’ Stieglitz Circle Night at Crystal Bridges

We will be doing lots of swinging with the JM Band this week. We are so excited about getting to play at Crystal Bridges Museum on Friday, November 22, for Swingin’ Stieglitz Circle Night. This event promises to be an amazing night of celebrating the Alfred Stieglitz collection. This will be our third time to perform there but the FIRST that is open to the public. Expect a big crowd—but even better, a large group of younger adults who I LOVE introducing to big band music.

We are planning lots of swing tunes for lots of high energy swing dancing. We have a program slated with a variety all the way from “Sing, Sing, Sing” to “Last Dance” to “New York, New York” to “Rockin’ Robin”. Then we will add a couple of holiday classics to the mix to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming season. Come explore the American Modernism and enjoy the music from the JM Band of Northwest Arkansas.

This is also a busy time for the band and can’t wait for our Demo CD! I set the tunes order and wrote the script—now just waiting for the finished product. Expect to have it on the website early December!