About the JM Band

Photo Credit: Chris Thurston

The Jack Mitchell Big Band made a mark on the entertainment scene in Northwest Arkansas as people were amazed by the ability of a musician over the age of 80 years playing drums as well as Jack did in his big band. In 2008, Jack retired, and he and his wife Bettye moved to Tennessee to be near their family, and he made arrangements for his band to continue.

The band was reorganized as the JM Band, with Ron Thurston as manager. The band is a subsidiary of Big Bands Unlimited, Inc. (a nonprofit entity). While striving to keep big band music alive to honor Jack’s legacy from whence we evolved, the JM Band has incorporated more contemporary music into their resume to meet the desires of various audiences. We provide wedding reception entertainment, seasonal festival music, formal dance music, rock music, etc.; a variety of songs to fit your public and private function needs. If you like great music performed by talented musicians, featuring Susan Wizer as vocalist and Keith Wood on trumpet, then you will love the JM Band.

The JM Band also assists charitable organizations each year, by providing music for fund-raising events and performances to honor those who have served in the military.

Many members of the JM Band have been a part of the organization since its inception. All of the band members love music and enjoy having a good time playing together. They especially enjoy working with our youth, to introduce them to this type of band and its music. It’s great seeing others have a good time dancing to the sounds of the JM Band of Northwest Arkansas.

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